Hey! We now have disguises!!! The command to disguise is /disguise <mob name> or /d <mob name>. The command to undisguise is /undisguise or /u. This is a perk for donors. You can find out more about disguise privileges for each rank here. Happy disguising!Idisguise-plugin-2

May Rollercoaster Building Contest

Hey all!  As requested by a fellow Loljo member, we are doing a rollercoaster building contest.  You will want to build the craziest, super insane, silly and/or wacky rollercoaster you can.  The winner will have their build on showcase for the entire month of June at /warp wild.  Everyone will get $50 for participating.  The server you will be building them on is our Contest server.  The server ip is: contest.loljo.com.    Simply do /claim while standing in a plot to start building.  Have fun, and good luck!!!

Prizes are as follows:

1st -$500, Silk Touch Diamond Pick

2nd -$250, Unbreaking III Iron Pick

3rd -$100, Efficiency II Iron Pick

RollerCoaster Contest

Requesting Ideas For Contests

Hey everyone!!!  So recently there has been little-to-no activity on the server. The Staff are looking for ways to bring more people, so why not do a contest decided by you? Please think of ideas, and we will put them into a drawing for the May contest. The Ideas can be anything, but nothing too grotesque‏.  Please do your best to respond quickly, as the options for ideas will be closed April 30 at 12:00 noon‏.