Loljo Official Rules

All rules listed below apply to all users of the Loljo Minecraft server and are currently in effect. The following rules apply to the server along with all extensions of Loljo. By joining the Loljo community, you are agreeing to respect these guidelines and take full responsibility for your actions. Upon joining the server, it is highly recommended to thoroughly read through the rules to avoid any punishment. The server rules have been written to maintain a fun, positive, and friendly community and to ensure that players have the best experience possible on Loljo!

If you have any questions, please contact a staff member or submit a forum thread. We encourage players to communicate their thoughts to staff to ensure a positive environment.

Failure to have read the rules is not an excuse to break them. Usage of this excuse in any punishment appeal will result in a denial.

The official language of Loljo is English. Please refrain from speaking any other language in the global chat besides English. If you would prefer to speak another language, feel free to do so in private messages (/pm or /msg).

All warnings and punishments given by our staff team are decided by the discretion of the staff team. If you think you have been punished unfairly, feel free to file an appeal and your case will be reviewed. Note that appeals are for bans or long-term punishments only. “Someone else was using my account” is not an adequate excuse. If you don’t wish to be punished, don’t let others use your account.

The usage of an alternate account to bypass a punishment is prohibited on Loljo. If caught doing so, the punishment may be extended and the alternate account will be banned.

Cheating is Strictly Prohibited

We want gameplay to be fair for everyone on the server. To ensure this, no cheating of any kind is allowed on Loljo, including but not limited to:

  • Hacked clients.
  • Usage of any disallowed modifications.
  • X-ray mods or X-ray texture packs.
  • Exploitation of bugs or glitches.


Griefing is not Permitted

Players are not permitted to alter any building or terrain of another player’s without the owner’s consent, no matter its condition. The alteration of another player’s property, otherwise known as griefing, includes but is not limited to:

  • Breaking/placing any blocks on another player’s land.
  • Looting chests or furnaces (containers) that belong to others.
  • Harvesting others’ crops without replanting.
  • Killing another player on their property.
  • Killing or stealing another player’s animals or pets.

Griefing may result in various punishments, depending on the severity of the violation. Punishments are at the discretion of the staff team.



Players will automatically be kicked from the server after idling for more than 7 minutes. Being AFK[?] for the sole purpose of personal gain is not permitted on Loljo. The use of an AFK pool or AFK farm (a farm that does not require any interaction to be able to harvest/kill) is prohibited. Animal farms are permitted, provided you are not using any means to keep a chunk loaded at all times.


Chat Conduct

Chat guidelines apply to any form of communication for the Loljo community, such as in-game server chat, online forums, and the official Skype chatroom.

Do not Spam or Use Excessive Capital Letters

Spam of any type is not permitted. Spamming is classified as excessively repeating the same or similar messages in chat in a short period of time. Messages comprising of all or a large amount of capital letters is also considered spam. Spam will not be tolerated neither on the server nor on the forums, and will result in a mute or suspension from the forums. Further violations may result in a ban.

Be Kind in Chat

The use of any derogatory, discriminatory, or negative language will not be tolerated. Violation of this rule may result in a mute or suspension from the forums.

Do not Impersonate or “Pretend to be Someone”

Impersonation is a serious offense on Loljo. Please do not impersonate a staff member or player or attempt to trick someone into thinking you are able to do something that you can’t. Impersonation may include changing your nickname in order to pretend to be a staff member.

You can recognize staff members by looking at their tags:

  • The owner will have a pink [King] prefix.
  • Administrators will have a red [Duke] prefix.
  • Moderators will have a purple [Noble] prefix.
  • Trainees (Mini-Mods) will have a blue [Earl] prefix.

Controversial Discussion

The discussion of any political or controversial topics is permitted but must be kept to a minimum and must not offend anyone. If you are bringing up a topic with the intent to offend someone, you will be muted.

Failure to follow the chat guidelines may result in various punishments at the staff team’s discretion.


Player Respect

Chat and actions on Loljo must remain positive and respectful to both the players and the staff. Please be respectful and kind towards others. Remember to remain family-friendly, as we have a wide variety of age groups playing on the server. Forum respect will also be enforced. Do not write anything that may be considered rude or offensive.

No threats to the server or real-life threats of any kind will be tolerated. Threats of any kind will result in an immediate permanent ban from the server, and if necessary a report to authorities.

Discrimination is strictly prohibited and will result in severe punishment. We will NOT tolerate any of the following:

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Ageism
  • Sexualism
  • Ableism
  • Religious intolerance
  • Hate speech
  • Bigotry
  • Harassment
  • Threats
  • Any other forms of discrimination


Inappropriate Content

Loljo is a family-friendly server and will not tolerate inappropriate content.

Profanity and Inappropriate Language and Content is Prohibited

Please be mindful of others when speaking in chat and keep in mind that there are children playing on the server with you. Profanity is not permitted when speaking in chat. Use of profane language may result in a mute. If vulgar language is used on the online forums, the post may either be edited or removed altogether. Posting links to, referencing, building, or depicting inappropriate content (e.g. adult content) is prohibited. Keep in mind that we have young players with us on the server.

Skins, Capes, Avatars, and Profile Pictures

Whether on the server, the forums, or the Skype chatroom, skins, capes, avatars, and profile pictures should be kept appropriate. If you are using an offensive or sexually explicit skin, cape, avatar, or profile picture, you will be given a warning and politely asked to change or remove it. Failure to adhere to the guidelines will result in further consequences. The following guidelines apply to avatars and profile pictures:

  • Photos must not contain any nudity or sexual reference, meaning no fake anime girl or real photos that fall under the category of pornography.
  • Photos must not contain any reference to drugs or alcohol, as we do not want to advertise any product that might be offensive or inappropriate on the Loljo website.
  • Photos must not encourage violence, racism, self-harm, or any misconduct.

Offensive Usernames or Nicknames are not Permitted

Usernames or nicknames that could be considered offensive, reference sexual topics, or include profane language are forbidden. If asked to change or remove your nickname by a staff member, please do so to avoid consequences.

Website Signature Guidelines

Signatures cannot have any hyperlinks in them that contain harmful cyber trash such as but not limited to viruses, harmful cookies, or account stealers (phishing). Inappropriate, malicious, or offensive signatures will be removed.


Advertising is not Permitted

The advertisement of another server or website will not be tolerated. This includes:

  • The advertising of any Minecraft server name or IP other than Loljo.
  • The recruitment of players or staff for another Minecraft server.

Violation of this rule will result in a mute or suspension from the forums.


Gameplay Guidelines

The following guidelines should be respected by all players at all times.

Client Modifications

The use of Minecraft client modifications on Loljo is strictly monitored and moderated. While some types of modifications are allowed, please keep in mind that you are responsible for all activity on your account even if you are unaware that a modification is interfering in any way. Any modification that gives a significant advantage to a player in-game is prohibited. Modifications that alter the way that your client sends data to the server are strictly disallowed, even if they fall into an allowed category. Categories of permitted modifications include the following:

  • Client performance improvement modifications (e.g. FPS improvement mods).
  • Aesthetic modifications (e.g. shaders modifications).
  • Armor and status effect hud modifications.
  • Brightness and gamma adjustment modifications.
  • Minimap modifications, provided they do not show additional data such as players, entities or underground cave systems.

Any other categories of modifications are disallowed. If you are unsure if a modification is acceptable to use on Loljo, contact a staff member first.


No scamming of any kind will be tolerated and will be punished accordingly. Scamming can be classified as:

  • Stealing other players’ items or cash.
  • Offering unjust deals to other players.
  • Taking advantage of a lack of knowledge of newcomers.
  • Renaming items in an auction in an effort to trick bidders.
  • Setting the bid increment to an unreasonable amount in an auction.

A player may not attempt to sell in-game items for real life currency of any sort. Players found in violation of this rule will be banned and legal prosecutions may be filed against the seller.

Death Traps

Death traps, or any misleading device meant to spontaneously kill players are discouraged. If a death trap is built with the intent to steal another player’s belongings or cause frustration to someone, it will be removed. The following types of traps are prohibited:

  • Teleportation killing
  • Portal traps
  • Lava or fire traps

The only exception to this rule is if the trap is for an obstacle course or a game, and players are fully aware of the possible fate. Be sure to warn people in advance of your contraption, and return their items if need be. If a player asks you to stop, respect their request. Refusal to return one’s items will result in punishment.

Towns and Nations

Upon founding an in-game town or nation, mayors and kings should respect certain guidelines. Leaders may not scam residents for items, labor, or money. You are free to make your own town or nation rules, as long as they do not conflict with any server rules. Note that you must keep in-game currency in your town and nation bank to keep it running.



The terms and conditions for donations made to Loljo are outlined below. Note that upon making a donation you are agreeing to the following terms:

Any donations you make here with Loljo are not purchases. They are donations. Loljo does not have to give you anything in return for a donation, yet we gratefully give you a rank as a thank you gift for your generosity. You are donating to Loljo because you enjoy the server and you want to support it. These funds will go to helping the server. Not one penny of your donation goes to Mojang, and any problems are to be resolved with the owner of the server and not with Mojang.

Rank privileges are NOT 100% guaranteed. You are not making an absolute purchase of features in exchange for money, you are being rewarded with things for your generosity. If you should decide to misuse these privileges, features may be taken away.

Chargebacks are not Permitted

A player may not “chargeback” a donation to the server with the intent to obtain privileges without making a donation. The attempt of a chargeback will result in a ban. If a mistake was made in your donation amount, contact the owner directly.



If you think of a loophole that would allow you to get around the rules and avoid punishment, please don’t exploit it. If something seems unethical and seems like it would be prohibited, it probably is. Remember, punishments are at the staff team’s discretion. We’re all just here to have a good time, so have fun! We thank you for your cooperation.

Enjoy the server!

~ Loljo Staff Team