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I obviously like playing Minecraft, I do a lot of Photoshop, I'm addicted to Daft Punk, and pretty much any good music. I also enjoy programming and tennis. Need anything? Message me.

Server Break

Hey all, we’re not having a lot of activity on the server lately. So the staff team will be making huge edits. The server will probably be down for the next day or so, but we are not closing. We will just refer to it as a “break” while we are making changes. So don’t be worried, we’ll check back later when we open back up. See you then!

~ Nikolaj and Top

***EDIT: The server is now back up!


Hey! We now have disguises!!! The command to disguise is /disguise <mob name> or /d <mob name>. The command to undisguise is /undisguise or /u. This is a perk for donors. You can find out more about disguise privileges for each rank here. Happy disguising!Idisguise-plugin-2

Mob Arena

The new Mob Arena is now up and running! Fight mobs with your friends and earn outstanding prizes! Join by typing /ma join or by opening the minigames menu (/minigames or /mg) and clicking MobArena. The arena below is called Sandstorm. We also have many other great arenas for you to try!