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I obviously like playing Minecraft, I do a lot of Photoshop, I'm addicted to Daft Punk, and pretty much any good music. I also enjoy programming and tennis. Need anything? Message me.


Hey! We now have disguises!!! The command to disguise is /disguise <mob name> or /d <mob name>. The command to undisguise is /undisguise or /u. This is a perk for donors. You can find out more about disguise privileges for each rank here. Happy disguising!Idisguise-plugin-2

Mob Arena

The new Mob Arena is now up and running! Fight mobs with your friends and earn outstanding prizes! Join by typing /ma join or by opening the minigames menu (/minigames or /mg) and clicking MobArena. The arena below is called Sandstorm. We also have many other great arenas for you to try!