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Community Gathering

Hey all,

I just wanted to give a shoutout to all of those that have been playing regularly recently.  Anyways, there is a new community  area in the building process at coordinates 0,0.  There is currently a huge underground tunnel system being formed to connect everyone to.  I know for a fact that one exit goes to the edge of the world, and theres one that ends near TopPriorty’s base.  Please take a moment to check the tunnels out.  Remeber griefing is still breaking a rule.  Regardless of how long you have been on the server, you will be jailed for griefing.  Again, please check out the new 0,0 gathering area, maybe make a tunnel based off the current design to your base.


Happy Crafting!!!

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The server does not have as many players on as it used to. So I’d really like you guys to start being more active on the server. The more people we get on the better, and we’ll just all have a great time. So I would love if we started having more players regularly. After all, a server needs players to run!

One last thing, I know everyone might be getting bored on the server or of playing survival. So Top and I are thinking about doing a server remodel. I would love all of your suggestions so please leave your comments on what you think should change about the server here. Many of you have been wanting a map reset, and some just want us to change the server theme entirely. So please leave your suggestions in our suggestions forum so we can spice up the server!

~ Nikolaj


Server Break

Hey all, we’re not having a lot of activity on the server lately. So the staff team will be making huge edits. The server will probably be down for the next day or so, but we are not closing. We will just refer to it as a “break” while we are making changes. So don’t be worried, we’ll check back later when we open back up. See you then!

~ Nikolaj and Top

***EDIT: The server is now back up!