Minecraft Art Contest


It is time to announce the June Contest.  School has finished for some, others, it is near.  So because of that we are going to have a Minecraft art contest.  Now this contest is so open-ended, you could do almost anything.  The staff team at Loljo would like to see some homemade Loljo-themed Minecraft art.  Sounds boring? Well the winner will get his/her art on an item in the store.  Need more excitement?  Not only will the winner have their own art put on an item in the store; t-shirt, coffee cup, phone case, they will win $3000 in-game cash! So again, we want drawings, paintings, digital art, a still-frame from a video you made, anything that you personally made.  So good luck, and happy crafting!


All work must be COMPLETELY ORIGINAL. If your work contains copyrighted images, it will not be displayed.

To have your image placed on a t-shirt, coffee cup, phone case, etc., it must have a width of at least 8 inches (600 px) and a height of at least 11 inches (825 px). If your image does not meet these minimum dimensions, it will not be placed on any merchandise.


Please submit all entries to contest@loljo.com. Put your Minecraft username in the subject line of your entry email. Please send us your entry in a common file format such as PNG, JPG, etc. Photoshop files are acceptable as well.

If you have hand-drawn your entry on a physical piece of paper, please either take a picture of it and send it to us, or scan it. We would prefer you to scan your entry so that the lighting comes out right. We urge you to use solid colors in your drawing so that it will show up right on the merchandise. If you are to take a picture of your work, it is not guaranteed that it will be placed on any merchandise. However, it will be featured on Twitter.

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