White Listing The Server


The Server is officially white listed.  If you or a friend or anyone wants to get on, you must be on the white list to get in.  The following list is all users that are white-listed.  If your name is not on that list, feel free to skype me(TopPriorty) your full minecraft username so we can get you in.

White-list members as of tonight:

  • trumpet44
  • Silverslash1256
  • RyanBlue
  • DiamondEnderman0
  • BurntMarshmallow
  • cyanidecoffee
  • NikolajTheGuy
  • Chewbaca02
  • TopPriorty
  • mastercreator98


If your name is not on this list, and you ever want to play on the server in the future, please skype me your full minecraft name, spelled correctly.  This is the first of several major changes Nikolaj and I are making to the server, and we need all of your help to do it.

Happy Mining, and Good Luck!!!!!

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